Parent Testimonials

Mia absolutely adores Miss Katie!! The big smile she gives every time I tell her we are going is priceless! Thank you for giving us a fun, safe place to let her be a kid!! I can't wait to watch her grow over the years with Miss Katie!

-Tina M.


My 2 year old granddaughter loves Miss Katie's! She loves doing the ‘on stage’ activities with the other children! We look forward to Tuesdays with Miss Katie!!

-Cindy F.


My 2.5 year old has been to the Terrific Tuesday playgroup and loves it! She’s so full of energy that we barely get to go to events (can't handle story time, etc) but this is perfect for her! So much to do and she even surprised me by participating in the organized activity part. We'll be sure to be back, despite driving all the way from Brunswick, It's worth the trip!

-Becky S.


Love the big Tuesday play group….so much to do and a BIG area to get their energy out!! Thank you for offering such a big indoor area that is friendly for toddlers!

-Ciara W.


Miss Katie's special playdates are awesome! So much for the little ones to do and they always have a blast!

-Lindsay L.


My sister in-law and I took our kids here the week before Christmas and they had a blast!! They are both 16 months old and I was worried about there not being a lot for their age group but everything and I mean EVERYTHING was suitable for all young ages. The singing near the end was thoughtfully put together and it gave the mom and dads a few minutes to sit down and relax for a few. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to come back soon!!!! I recommend this place to everyone with kids.

-Leann L.


Best program around! 3 years and 2 kids later, we are still going once a week! My 4 year old attends the Tiny Tot program with her baby sister who is 20 months old. She still enjoys every minute of it and begs to go every week. It has blossomed my baby into a dancing queen! We love Miss Katie and would be lost without her!

-Ashley S.


We absolutely love Miss Katie events, esp. Terrific Tuesdays! My daughter jumps up and down anytime I mention Miss Katie Day. We couldn't survive the long winters without our Miss Katie Day!

-Kelly G.


MKPP is a true asset to the community and a blessing!

-Zach M.


My son started going to Miss Katie's weekly classes when he was 15 months old. (We have also gone to several Sensational Sunday events) It's been almost a year since he started and he has learned and developed so much and I attribute a lot of that to Miss Katie’s! He loves his time there and he LOVES Miss Katie. You can tell that Miss Katie loves all the kids and genuinely cares about their growth, development, and creating a fun environment for them. She is really the best! I highly recommend everything Miss Katie's has to offer for anyone with young kiddos!

-Regeana C.


We have been going to Miss Katie's for over a year now. My 3 year old looks forward to it every week and we try and dress according to the week's theme! She has so much fun and is really in her element when we are there! She was very shy and after weeks of going she asked me, "mommy, can I go up on stage?!” My heart just burst because not only is Miss Katie's a great exercise and playtime, it is also building her confidence and self esteem! My tiny is now 1 and her big sister is so excited to watch her learn to play and grow at Miss Katie’s!! For only $5 for 2 hours, it's the best playtime opportunity around!! My daughter even pretends to be "Miss Katie" at home while she sings and dances with her toys!

-Amanda B.


My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves going to Miss Katie’s! She has lots of fun, makes new friends, and is made to feel special by Miss Katie!

-Janea B.


Miss Katie is always so cheerful and greets every child by name! She encourages all children to participate and adapts activities very well for children of various abilities. We love miss Katie!

-Sarah S.


My son loves attending all of Miss Katie's special play dates!

-Stacy N.


Miss Katie's is a great place for kids!! My daughter (2yrs.) loves it!!

-Amy L.


My family and I have been wanting to visit Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup for so long! We finally attended her Peppa Pig event and we are so glad we did! It was so much fun and my daughter had a blast! We will be returning very soon!

-Mackenzie T.


My sons, ages 2, 3, and 5 years, love Miss Katie. They enjoy the events, classes, and all the fun!

-Lucas W.


My son and I love going to Miss Katies. We go to the Social Butterflies class and I would highly recommend it. He has learned and grown so much since going to that class. Miss Katie is very welcoming, kind, and able to make each child feel special. She is an asset to the community.

-Lindsey U.


Miss Katie makes everyone feel welcome the second they walk in the door….to when It's time to say, see you later! My son is not one to sit still, but she knows that he will come around on his own terms especially once he's done exploring all the toys in the classroom! Terrific Tuesdays are just like that too!! Kids are able to play with so many toys, run, jump, and dance! My News Years resolution is for my son to go to more of Miss Katie's classes!

-Caitlin C.


Miss Katie is wonderful! Our 3 year old twins have been going to weekly class for over a year. Her class is educational and entertaining! She pays great attention to detail!

-Bianchi V.


My three year old loves Miss Katie's playgroup. Miss Katie is so animated and full of life! All of the kids have a great time and even when my daughter is shy, Miss Katie does everything she can to interact with her to make her feel part of the group.

-Ivy L.


We love going to Miss Katies events! There's always great characters! She has a special way with the kids and you can tell that all the kids love her!

-Taylor B.


My son has been going to Miss Katie's for a little over a year. We love her! My son looks forward to going to school to see his teacher and his friends. This playgroup helped him learn to wait his turn and how to interact with other children. I totally recommend this school!

-Katrina D.


We go almost every Tuesday and to the events! My 3 and 1 year old love it!

-Sarah N.


We absolutely love Miss Katie and her preschool playgroup!!! My daughter has been attending for over a year and loves all of the different activities! My 16 month old son wildly enjoys his time there as well! Thanks for the cozy, unending, winter fun Miss Katie!

-Katie G.


Love the big Tuesday play group, so much to do and a BIG area to get their energy out! Thank you for offering such a big indoor area, friendly for toddlers!

-Ciara W.


We love going to Miss Katie’s! There is always a variety of fun and she puts so much creativity and planning...and HEART into each event and class!

-Christa R.


My little sister absolutely loves going to Miss Katie's play group and Terrific Tuesdays! She looks forward to going every week and HATES leaving Miss Katie and all of her fun! I couldn't recommend a better place for your child to go to learn, play, and have fun! Thank you Mrs. Katie for all that you do for the kiddos! It is so appreciated!

-Shelby C.


My daughter has been going to Miss Katie's for 1 year now, we love it there!! She has learned so much and Miss Katie is always keeping things fun and exciting! Her Terrific Tuesdays are a fantastic way to get the kids out and moving on cold winter days and her preschool playgroup is a great preschool prep! Highly recommend.

-Roni-jo B.


We moved to the area last year and my 2 year old didn't have any friends to play with. We found Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup and gave it a shot. I'm SO glad we did! She has a blast there, making new friends, playing on trampolines and running around to her hearts content! I can't recommend this place enough!

-Aubrey H.


Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup has been a wonderful experience for my son, helping him learn to socialize with others. Miss Katie is so sweet and patient, and we absolutely love her!

-Jennifer D.


My almost 2 year old absolutely LOVES Miss Katie!!! Could watch her sing and dance all day if possible. She is such a beautiful soul. The special events are amazing as well! So so happy I found her Tuesday playgroup.

-Kimberly W.


We love Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup!! My son loves the trampolines and all the cars. Thank you Miss Katie and we will see you in a couple days!

-Amanda T.


We love Miss Katie's toddler class! If you haven't been, I definitely recommend dropping in on a class! You will definitely be impressed!

-Shelley F.


We attended an event with our 2 year old and she talked about it for days. There was so much for her to do. We will be coming again soon!

-Jenn O.


We are so happy that we found out about Miss Katie's Playgroup. It’s such a great time and a good way to have your little ones interact with others. Dancing and singing is of course our favorite part!! So happy that she does this!!

-Dahllas L.


My two year old has been going to Miss Katie's for awhile now. In the summers when I'm off I can take her but my Dad takes her when I cannot. I cannot tell you how many times a day she breaks into songs from her time spent with Miss Katie. It makes me feel like I'm still a part of her time there even when I'm at work. She learns so much and has so much fun every single time! It is evident Miss Katie loves her job and every single one of her kids!!

-Stephanie D.


We love it! I have been taking my daughter since she was able to walk and she has a blast and it's a great place to let them run around and burn some energy!! Always results in a long nap afterwards!

-Marcy M.


We went to our first Sensational Sunday event with Miss Katie yesterday to see Peppa and George Pig and Santa and Mrs. Claus. We had an absolute blast!! It was a sensational time for a sensational price!! Thanks, Miss Katie!! We will definitely be back!!

-Andrea K.


My husband and I took our son to the Tuesday play date yesterday for the first time. Miss Katie is so welcoming when you walk through the door. The place is incredible with so many toys to play with and room to run. We will definitely be going back!!

-Liz T.


I took my boys here today and let me just say, I LOVE it here! There is so much for the kids to do, the atmosphere is amazing, it was honestly such a great time and my boys can't wait to come back!!!

-Trisha G.


We love Miss Katie's class! She and Miss Sheilagh are awesome and great with the kids! My son has so much there while learning and being creative!

-Kim D.


We LOVE Miss Katie's preschool class! She takes great care of the kids and you really can tell she loves being with each child! We also love her Tuesday play dates and her events with different characters! Thank you Miss Katie for loving our children, teaching them, and having so much fun with them!

-Crystal T.


I love taking my 2 yr old daughter to Miss Katie's for free play on Tuesdays!!! She has the best time and I love watching her learn and grow!! I highly recommend anyone with babies, toddlers and preschoolers to take them to her playgroups!!! We love you Miss Katie!!!

-Laura D.


Miss Katie is amazing! She is fun and friendly. Her classes are great my little girl seems to have a great time. I really recommend coming and checking out her classes. So glad my friends referred me to her.

-Calista L.


I really love Miss Katie's! Caitlin looks so forward to going every Monday. Thank you so much for making it a fun learning environment!

-Heather H.


Awesome time today for paw patrol and Sofia the 1st! My shy girls were not at all shy today and had a blast! They can't wait for the next event!

-Monica M.


Our first time to Miss Katie's precious playgroup and we loved it! Very fun and my son said he wanted to go back!

-Crystal P.


Had the privilege of attending Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup today with Paw Patrol and Doc. McStuffins. My son enjoyed himself thoroughly with all the different toys, obstacles, bounce houses and musical instruments. Thank you so much Miss Katie for a memorable afternoon with my little man!!

-Jessica L.


I take my 3 year old to the Social Butterflies class and he loves it and is so excited when he knows we're going to Miss Katie's and he never wants to leave!

-Amanda C.


We attended the Paw Patrol event yesterday for Valentine's Day. It was the first time going and it was amazing!!! Very organized and SO much fun!!!!! Miss Katie gets right up there and dances and sings! Such great energy! My two year old son loved it. There is so much to for every age group, boy or girl! Definitely joining more events!

-Brenda G.


What a wonderful asset to our wonderful community. An affordable and creative alternative to have your kids have a blast without being stuck in front of a tv! Great chance to get exercise and experience mingling with other little ones and a huuuuuge area to explore! I am so thankful to have Miss Katie’s to take my child to!!!

-Matt D.


I take my son Mark to Miss Katie’s! We attend Social Butterflies class and love it! When I had my son I was worried about finding somewhere to take him at such a young age and to get him out and socialized. I'm a stay-at-home momma, so he's not in daycare. Miss Katie's is truly a blessing! It's a safe, warm, and loving place for him to learn and play while getting time around other kids. Mark and I enjoy our social hour with his fellow classmates, and can't wait to sign up for another class as he gets older. We also typically go to Terrific Tuesday's as well- a big open gym and 2 hours of free playtime for $5??! Can't beat it! The best thing about Miss Katie’s? You can tell she loves what she does. Mark and I look forward to years at Miss Katie's, until he's ready for big boy school.

-Marina R.


Absolutely love the fun that the kids have, all the toys, and activities that Miss Katie does with them!! An awesome place all around!!!

-Katrina M.


My son really enjoyed himself. A very open and safe play area with lots of toys and room to run.

-Steven T.


I take my 2.5 year old son to Miss Katie's Social Butterflies class and he loves it, it's just what he needs, a nice safe and structured place for him to learn and interact with other children his age. I would definitely recommend Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup!

-Barbara J.


Ben is not an easy baby to handle and Miss Katie goes above and beyond to be patient with him and helps praise when he finally gets it. She's positive, energetic, and genuine. So thankful we found her!

-Aimee B.


Ella loves Miss Katie’s! She looks forward to it every week!!

-Missy T.


Jackson loves going to Miss Katie's and has made many friends there!

-Rusty K.


My little guy loves going to Miss Katie's every week!!! He has learned so much from her class!!

-Meagan C.


My 11 month old son loves Miss Katie's Social Butterflies class! The structure of the class is perfect for him with the free play and song/story time segments. I like that he gets some fun social interaction with other small children and adults, but also learns counting, ABC's, etc. in the same setting. And I can't say enough great things about Miss Katie! The children just love her and she really cares and gets to know each one of them.

-Kirsten P.


We started going to Miss Katie's when we were looking to get our daughter used to being with another adults teaching her. Now my youngest son loves going and pretends he is Miss Katie. We can't say enough great things about her class!

-Michelle M.


My 21 month old son attends the Social Butterflies and Tiny Tots class at Miss Katie’s. He has learned so much and absolutely loves her! I am so grateful for the amazing influence she's had on him.

-Brandi B.


I bring my 22 month old twins to Miss Katie's for the Social Butterflies class. They look forward to it every week. Miss Katie is wonderful with them and she even helps me out with another set of hands when it comes to the structured part of class, because sometimes I just need the help. I enjoy bringing them because it is a secure place for them to play because it is difficult for me to bring them places because they go in two different directions in public places. I always recommend Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup because it is an amazing place for my twins to develop in so many ways.

-Kelly B.


We wanted a social outlet for our son while learning as well as getting out that pent up energy. Miss Katie's does a PERFECT job of all 3 of those and so much more! My 2.5 year old son has come a long way thanks to Miss Katie!

-Michelle H.


We are fortunate enough to have grandparents who are able to watch Zach during the day. It's absolutely fantastic but we wanted to be sure he was also getting time with kids his age. Miss Katie's Playgroup has been one of the best decisions we've made! She is awesome and makes every kid feel so special. Zach get's so excited to see "Diss Datie”! Could not recommend Katie and this program enough!

-Nicole Z.


We love Miss Katie's Playgroup! Perfect fun time for my little man! Miss Katie is so creative and sweet!

-Teryn M.


We Love Miss Katie's Tiny Tots program! It has everything, music, story time, baby gym!! It is hard to find programs out there for little ones! I highly recommend it! It is definitely helping my little guy come out of his shell!!!

-Erin R.


Miss Katie's group is excellent...She really engages the kids and it’s super fun while learning too! Can't wait for next week!

-Anne S.


Miss Katie is the best! My daughter asks me every day if it is Miss Katie day. She packs so much into every class; music, stories, movement, school skills. And it is awesome to be in the gymnastics school, Miss Katie takes them to do obstacle courses and use some of the fun equipment. It is hands down the best class I've done with my girls, highly recommend!

-Becky Z.


Such a fun playgroup! We went for the first time last week. Miss Katie is very involved, and genuinely cares about the kids. I'm excited to return next week!

-Jamie E.


Miss Katie's Preschool Playgroup is one of a kind and I encourage parents to take their little one and see for yourself! All activities are well thought out and very engaging! It's the perfect balance between active and non active play, reading, reciting poems and rhymes alphabets and counting. My son enjoys this playgroup so much and most important for our family is that he is constantly learning through experience rather than "being taught.” Thanks so much Miss Katie for offering such an enriching program for our community!

-Sara A.


This is an awesome playgroup! Miss Katie is very dedicated and works very hard to make this special and fun for the kiddos! This is just the thing we were looking for!

-Nicki M.


My boys enjoy the hours of guided play and learning here!

-Kristin W.


If you want your child to be inspired and have a jump start in life Miss Katie's is where it's at!!!!!

-Mike L.


My daughter absolutely loves this! She has the best time and Miss Katie is awesome with all the kids! I've been coming to her since she started out almost a year ago and my daughter still loves it. This is a great place for people to take their kids!

-Angelia R.



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