Snack/Lunch Time Policies

Snack Time

During snack time, Miss Katie will provide animal crackers (or something similar) and water for every little one. If needed, adult loved ones are welcome to bring their little ones an age appropriate and/or personal snack to class.

Because allergies may be an issue for your little one, Miss Katie will provide all labels from snack containers for adult loved ones to check before snack time each class.

Special Snacks

Adult loved ones may want to bring a special snack to share during special party days. This is encouraged, although I ask that you note all ingredients in your snack or bring the labels with you to class, if store bought. (No cupcakes please)

Thank you for helping us keep all of Miss Katie’s preschoolers safe!!

Lunch Time

During Kindergarten Connections class, preschoolers bring their own packed lunch from home. There is no food sharing during this time in order to remain safe for all preschoolers in class, including those with allergies.



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