Kindergarten Connections

Miss Katie offers a fun, educational and organized class for your potty-trained preschoolers age 3 through 6 years old.

Preschoolers are dropped off at Miss Katie's for a time away from adult loved ones. Preschoolers will gain confidence, independence and autonomy, which are skills needed for preschool and/or Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Connections is a school-readiness program that will help your child prepare academically and socially for preschool and/or Kindergarten featuring age appropriate activities including academic content, music and movement, games, educational activities, obstacle course, trampoline time, story time, lunch time and more!

Your child will delight in the planned activities while making new friends in the process! Preschoolers should bring a packed lunch to class.

The Kindergarten Connections class is 2 hours in length.



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