The Pink Shirt

Finding JOY Daily - with Miss Katie

This is my husband. His name is Tony and he's wearing a bright pink shirt. Does he like wearing pink, you ask? Not usually
He's a man's man....he loves dirt bikes and building things with his hands. He loves fixing problems, ANY problems. Something needs done? He's your guy! 
 He provides for our family in so many ways....he's a wonderful husband and father and he finds joy in the happiness of his family, especially me...he loves to make me happy (no joke! I'm a lucky girl!)

 The practical reason it makes me happy is:
I ask him to wear this pink shirt at all of my events because the back of the shirt has my business information on it. It's also a bright color and guests can find help more easily...."just find a pink shirt!"

BUT.....the REAL reason that the pink shirt makes me happy is:
To me, the pink shirt stands for:
"I will always support you and your BIG dreams"
"I will always be there for you"
"I will always love you"
"I will always protect you"
"I will always wear a pink shirt, just to make you happy"

You see, the pink shirt isn't just a shirt to me, it's a statement.....
Thank you Tony, message received



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